The Company was born from the love of Andrea Rotta and Francesco Ornaghi for the Lario area. Larioland is an innovative company, the first in Europe to rent amphibious cars; this came from the wish to promote the wild and relaxing territory, combined with the strong passion for cars.


Larioland operates mainly on the Lecco branch of Lario, an area that hosts pristine natural beauties, wonderful beaches and awesome mountains such as Grigna and Legnone. The eastern branch of Como Lake is also able to mix relaxing places with the most varied sports, such as Kite Surfing and other sailing sports, Wake Board, road and mountain bikes, as well as ski and alpine ski.

Larioland - Explore the unseen
About us
Andrea Rotta Larioland

Andrea Rotta

My name is Andrea Rotta, I travelled among Continents, finally realizing that Lario is the most beautiful area which I have ever seen. The love for the place where I was born, led me to build Larioland, a company that emphasise lake and mountains, and that gives opportunity to discover the facets of an unspoilt area, strongly focused on elegant tourism and exciting sports.

Francesco Ornaghi

I am Francesco, i don’t travel as much as Andrea but i’m in love with Lario too.
The great spirit of Larioland pushed me to join this adventure, i strongly believe in our homeplaces: only here you can find beautiful and romantic sunsets, or great mountains were to admire the surroundings!