Is it mandatory to follow the tracks recommended by the website?

No, the lessor can make requests via email or whatsapp in order to agree on the most suitable route for his needs.

How can I assess the environmental conditions for entering the water?

The Larioland certified instructor will express the judgment concerning the environmental conditions to dive into the water.

Can I rent a car with a driver?

No, the NCC service is not available.

Where can I pick up the car?

The vehicle can be picked up in Lierna (base of Larioland) and also in all other locations on Como Lake.

How many kilometers can I travel?

The kilometers are unlimited.

How long time can I keep the vehicle?

The vehicle is leased to the lessor for the period indicated in the rental agreement.

Do I need to fuel the vehicle?

No, Larioland will supply the petrol.


Which driving license is requested?

It is necessary to have driving valid license B type at least since two years.

Other people, different from the lessor, can drive the vehicle?

Yes, it is enough to register the additional drivers information in the specific form of the website.

All drivers must be present to pick up the vehicle?

Yes, all drivers must be present to pick up the vehicle and they must show their driving license and ID card.

Is it necessary to have an international driving license?

Yes, if the lessor is foreigner, it is necessary to have international driving license and the original driving license from his own country.

How many people could join the trip on the vehicle?

Aphicar is homologated for 4 people. A Larioland certified instructor will always attend the trip during the rent, so maximum vehicle capacity is 3 people.

Which documents are necessary to rent the vehicle?

To pick up the vehicle it is necessary to show the driving license of the all the drivers and renter ID document (passport or ID card). It necessary to show also credit card, if the payment is not already carried out on line.

Is it necessary to leave some documents as guarantee?


How is the personal data processing?

Personal data as processed according to European Rules GDPR of 25/05/2018.


What shall I do in case of car crash?

In case of crash it is available a road assistance H24. Larioland certified instructor will call the company and will manage the situation according to the safety measures.

What happens in case I will loose vehicle's keys?

In case of loss of vehicle’s keys, replacement cost for keys and door locks will be hold from the franchise.

What happens in case of fine?

The lessor is responsible in case of fines occurring during renting period.

Is it possible to recover items lost into the vehicle?

Larioland is not responsible in case of any lost item, however in case of finding, we will be happy to return the item to the owner.


What are booking methods?

Booking methods:

Fill the booking form on the website booking page.
Request a trip on the contact page of the website.
Send an email to info@larioland.it, write a message on WhatsApp to the number +39 351 914 1118, write to Larioland via social networks.

What happens in case of booking cancellation?

All the conditions are explained in the form that you filled to book the vehicle, and will be different in case of voluntary renunciation or not.

What are possible payment methods?

Credit card, bank transfer, debit card, PayPal, Stripe.

Is it possible to request commercial invoice?

Larioland always makes electronic invoice.

Is it possible to rent the vehicle for another person?

Yes, it is enough that the name in the rental contract is the same of the vehicle driver, who has to provide his own ID card and driving license to withdraw the vehicle.

Is it possible to change the booking?

Yes, to change your booking you can write directly to booking@larioland.it


Is it possible to dive into the lake directly from the vehicle?

No, it is absolutely forbidden to dive from Amphicar for any reasons.

Is it possible to smoke on the vehicle?

No, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke on the vehicle even in case of open roof accordingly to law 16/0’1/2003, N.3 art.51.

Is it possible to carry animals on board?

Yes, but it is mandatory to send request to info@larioland.it.

Is it possible to have a GPS device on the vehicle?

No, in order to maintain the classic car feeling it is not expected to have a GPS on the car. The Larioland certified instructor will drive you into your amphibious experience.

Is the vehicle monitored via GPS?

Yes, the vehicle is tracked h24.

Has the vehicle a black box?

Yes, the vehicle is controlled h24 with cameras.